Why Clean Care Toledo?

Clean Care's 15 Guarantees to Ensure Customer Satisfaction!

Over the past 35 years, Clean Care has fine-tuned 15 steps that will help enhance the health, safety, beauty, and longevity of out clients’ facilities and working environments. Our unique systems set us apart from other cleaning companies in the Toledo region, and helps us ensure high quality cleaning services at every single Toledo area business we are responsible for.

Clean Care Guarantees every one of the Following for our Customers:
  • 1. A customized CleanBid program that addresses your unique facility needs and cleaning “hot spots” based on industry specific information and our facility evaluation.
  • 2.Rigorous applicant background check process to make sure every cleaning associate we hire is interviewed and screened.
  • 3.Our demanding A.C.E. training program that requires all Clean Care cleaning associates to become certified as Area Care Experts.
  • 4.Guard Dog timekeeping software that verifies planned and scheduled janitorial tasks match actual work completed, providing cleaning oversight and accountability for every staff member.
  • 5.CleanTelligent system that manages building inspections and ensures that deficiencies are addressed before being noticed by customers.
  • 6.Company wide rapid response system that guarantees requests for corrective actions receive attention within 30 minutes.
  • 7.Customer relations experts that establish and maintain on-going relationships with each Toledo cleaning client. We won’t disappear after coming aboard, and have some of the longest janitorial contracts in Toledo.
  • 8.Customized personnel matching system that identifies the best person to clean your building if your regular cleaner is ever away, and additional oversight assigned to make sure cleaning services are up to par.
  • 9.Our powerful “Never Sleep” paging system guarantees that we never miss a cleaning at any location, and that our Toledo janitorial team is always ready to clean your business on-time.
  • 10.Exclusive Daily Detail Delivery (3D) system pushes specific cleaning tasks to the top of tonight’s “To Do” list so you’ll finally see the details getting done.
  • 11.CleanCare's full service contact management software links all site-specific information to your permanent customer record. We record what we learn so that our staff can constantly improve the cleaning service we offer.
  • 12.Our unique automated floor care system never forgets necessary carpet and tile maintenance duties. Your floors will always look great when they receive the required work on time, every time, as scheduled.
  • 13.We provide a computer-generated work ticket system that captures every detail needed to clean every part of your facility. Information and feedback is critical, and we use it to clean your facility better every time our staff shows up.
  • 14.Regular Site Inspections to determine the areas that need to be addressed. Supervisor feedback is then used to generate hot sheets with our top priorities, ensuring any issues are resolved within 24 hours.
  • 15.Dust Buster Unit dispatched regularly to accounts to provide detailed cleaning, solutions for ongoing janitorial challenges, and to help supplement work of regular cleaners.

What does all of this mean? CleanCare's customer service and cleaning policies represent not only our commitment to getting your facility clean and and keeping it looking spotless, but also our belief in the need to constantly improve our services and our thoroughness.

We understand that cleanliness is a direct reflection on you and your business, and that customers and employees are constantly judging you based on appearances. It is our goal to keep your business and workplace looking great, and presenting a clean and positive appearance to anyone who steps in your door.

For more information about CleanCare's full service toledo area janitorial services, and how to get in touch with us to schedule an on-site cleaning evaluation and full-service cleaning proposal, contact us today at 1-877-820-9342.