Clean Care Cleaning Tips

Top ten cleaning tips for your office and employees

Can’t seem to keep the office clean? Try out some of these handy tips to help improve your office cleanliness and keep clutter from taking over your workplace.

  • 1. Get Rid of Junk The plethora of business cards, the colorful array of cheap pens, the coffee cups… you know the free stuff and clutter we accumulate. If it's not essential, throw it away.
  • 2. Assign a Place for Everything The key to making cleaning your office easy is to put everything in its rightful place. So, this means that you need to assign a place for everything and label it clearly so you can find it in a pinch.
  • 3. Clean Your Electronics Nothing can gum-up a keyboard, ruin a report and stink up your office faster than food. Head to your local office supply store, pick up some wipes that are specifically made for electronics, and make it a point to wipe down your keyboard and monitor daily. Also keep some canned air on hand to help blow out the dust and junk form hard to reach areas.
  • 4. File As You Go One of the fasted ways to quickly clutter your office is papers. The piles seem to leap from your desk to the floor and to any other available flat surface. File as you go, don't put off your filing for days, take a couple of minutes every day to file, clean out your inbox and put everything in its place.
  • 5. Get Your Calendar Organized Stop living off of little slips of paper and try to get your calendar into one centralized location. Offices can benefit greatly from having a large central calendar as well, that everyone can see and interact with. The dry erase board is a small office’s best friend for organization and to cut down on clutter!
  • 6. Use Hand Sanitizer Most of the dirt and grime that builds up on desktops and office surfaces is from dirty, unwashed hands leaving oil and dirt where they touch. Cut down on the surface dirt by using hand sanitizer regularly, to remove excess oils and grime from your fingers.
  • 7. Don’t Let Piles Pile Up We humans have the tendency to take whatever we’re working on and set it down in an obvious place, normally on top of a pile of things that we’ve been working on. This habit leads to clutter, disorganization and chaos. Make sure to have one project out at a time, and to have a place for your most recent work. Avoid printing things out if you have too, as paper is much easier to clutter up with than a digital copy.
  • 8. Set Aside Time to Straighten Up The cleanest people are also the most productive, and you would be surprised by how setting aside 20-30 minutes a week, either on Monday or Friday, can help set you up for success. If you schedule time to clean regularly, it makes it much easier to actually keep things cleaner longer.
  • 9. Make Cleaning Affordable Your employees will rarely take the initiative of purchasing cleaning supplies on their own, but if you provide them with things like hand sanitizer, keyboard wipes and organizational tools, they will be much more likely to use them. Make cleaning a priority, and encourage your employees to do the same by providing the tools to get the job done.
  • 10. Call Clean Care Today! No matter how much effort you put in, sometimes it’s just impossible to keep your business consistently clean. No matter how bad the mess gets, clean care has the tools, the people and the experience to help get your office or industrial facility spotlessly clean.

Call Toledo’s cleaning professionals at Clean Care commercial cleaning today, and we can help you cut through the mess and get your workplace looking as good as new. We offer a free consultation and quote, and will work with any sized company or budget to provide commercial cleaning services you can rely on. At Clean Care, we don’t cut corners… We clean them!