Seasonal Cleaning

Clean Care Seasonal Cleaning

Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan are blessed to have strong seasonal weather changes, and with the change in weather and the outdoors comes a change in the cleaning needs of every building. We here at Clean Care understand these ever changing needs and will work with our Toledo area cleaning clients and building owners to make sure that their cleaning schedules are being changed to fit their seasonal needs.

Spring seasonal cleaning and allergy season

Spring is a big time for pollen and allergies to act up, and nothing makes a workforce slow down faster than congestion, coughing and sneezing. Worse still, once the symptoms start, it makes it much more likely that work surfaces are contaminated, creating a perfect breeding ground for infection and illness.

Stop the illness problems before they start with a full Toledo area spring cleaning from Clean Care, guaranteed to dramatically reduce the amount of dust and pollen in the air, and will help keep your office cough and sneeze free throughout the spring allergy season. Our team of expert Toledo cleaners and janitors will keep your surfaces disinfected, purify your air of dust and pollen, and keep your workplace looking its very best.

Fall Seasonal Cleaning and Flu Season

Fall brings with it rainy and cold weather, but worse of all, flu season begins in full effect. The perfect time for the spread of germs and illness, flu season can bring with it a serious impact to productivity as well. Employees working sick and getting others ill can force time off and lost hours in the office or factory. Keep your employees well and keep your building running at full staff with a full fall flu seasonal clean from Clean Care.

We'll work to keep your surfaces disinfected, specifically high traffic areas and disease hotspots like bathrooms and kitchens. We will also keep any surface that routinely gets touched, such as doors, handrails, guardrails and other places where germs are known to reside, and will keep them clean and disinfected all season long. There's no reason why your staff have to get sick at work, and with a fall flue season clean from clean car,e we can help keep you at full staff all year round.

Winter Seasonal Cleaning and snow and salt cleaning

Winter weather in Toledo brings with it the snow and ice along with the cold, which creates their own challenges for keeping buildings and entryways clean and safe. Salt residue can eat away at floors and doorways, and a buildup of ice and slush can make pathways unsafe for guests and employees alike. Carpets, floors and mats around entryways can become filled with salt and snow buildup, making for an ugly appearance that can make your normally clean professional appearance as ugly as the weather outside.

Clean Care knows how to keep these places clean year round, and will work to increase cleaning frequency and attention on problematic areas like doors, windows and entryways. We will also keep your mats and rugs clean regularly, to help trap and keep snow, slat and dirt by the doors and keep your floors clean and free of buildup or unsafe and slippery conditions.

Contact Clean Care's expert team of professional cleaners and janitors today to find out how we can help keep your building clean and safe year round. Our cleaning services have been proved to cut down dramatically on staff time lost due to allergy and illness, and will help you put your best face forward no matter who walks in your building's door. Call Clean Care today at 419-725-2100 for a free estimate and to find out how we can help keep your building clean no matter the season.